Material Sales


At APC's facilities just north of Golden, CO, customers are efficiently and consistently provided with high quality materials at competitive prices to suit their specific project needs. With superior aggregates and a state-of-the-art, full-service asphalt plant, APC offers the best hot and warm mix asphalt available in the Denver Metropolitan area. This innovative equipment has shaped the quality standards of materials produced. APC takes pride in the quality paving operations which provide better durability for Colorado roads.

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Asphalt Plant




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Rock Products

APC produces a wide variety of high-quality aggregates for both functional and aesthetic uses. Our aggregates are unequaled in strength and durability.

Our full mining and crushing operations can make any size rock, from fines to boulders. We screen and combine these aggregates to meet any gradation or specification your job may require.

The strength of the material enhances and improves wear of asphalt and concrete surfaces and seal coats. The material's high resistance to heat makes it excellent for use in furnace or fireplace linings and fascias.

"APC has aggregate that is hard, dark in color, properly sized and compatible with the emulsions that we utilize in our applications. The working relationship we have with APC and its employees has enabled us to build a successful business in the construction industry."

Ben Vagher, Former CEO,
A-One Chipseal, Denver, CO

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