APC Construction Co., LLC   BENEFITS 

APC Construction is proud to offer our employees phenomenal benefits, including health insurance plans that cover employees and their families for little or no cost and include both Dental and Vision insurance.  When the high deductible plan is selected, APC will put $.20 per hour worked into a Health Savings Account (HSA).  We have a generous vacation pay program with two different payout options, and we deposit money into each employee's 401K account without a match requirement.  If you like working here (and we know you will!), you can receive up to $500 in Visa Gift cards for referring a friend who stays with us for 120 days, and they will also get $250 in Visa Gift cards at the end of that period.  Here are more details of our benefits:


Currently APC Construction employees are offered two health insurance plans through Contractors Health Trust:

  1. Trust 3000 – High Deductible – APC Construction Co. pays the entire premium for anyone that elects the Trust 3000 plan. This plan has a $3,000 individual deductible ($6,000 family) and includes coverage for you, your spouse and dependent children. Once the deductible is satisfied, the plan pays 100% of the eligible charges for In-Network Providers. The deductible restarts at the beginning of each year.
    •  TheTrust 3000 plan qualifies for a Health Savings Account (HSA). This is a savings account that is set up for you to put money into from your weekly paycheck (tax free) to help pay for doctor bills, prescriptions, etc. APC Construction contributes $.20 per hour into the HSA for you if you choose this high deductible plan.  You can choose to add tax-free money to that HSA account if you wish.  If you have individual coverage you can elect to put up to $1.00 per hour from your paycheck into the HSA, and $2.50 per hour for 2 Party or Family coverage. The funds in your HSA carry forward, year after year, even into retirement.
  2. Trust 1500 - Standard (Low) Deductible – This plan features a $1,500 individual deductible ($3,000 family) and includes coverage for you, your spouse and dependent children. You will pay the difference in the premium cost between the Trust 1500 plan and the Trust 3000 plan. In this plan, once the deductible is satisfied, the plan pays 80% of eligible charges for In-Network Providers. There are co-payments for Physician Office Visits, Urgent Care, Emergency Room and Prescription Drug Charges.  The deductible restarts at the beginning of each year. There is no HSA allowed for this plan.

**DENTAL AND VISION ARE INCLUDED IN BOTH INSURANCE PLANS. The company provides the coverage option for Dental and Vision benefits at no little or no additional cost to you.  You have a choice for dental, either Alpha Dental, or Delta Dental.  Davis Vision is included for all employees.

  1. Alpha Dental Plan includes unlimited benefits each year (use as much as you'd like). No waiting periods on any procedures after enrollment. No deductible to satisfy. Orthodontics (braces) available for children and adults.  Cosmetic dentistry included. No forms to complete.  No age limits for members. No limit on visits. No exclusions for any pre-existing dental conditions. Greatly reduced fees for services. Must see network dentists only.
  1. Delta Dental Plan has a $1000.00 annual maximum benefit per person. No benefit waiting period. No deductible to satisfy. Only children up to 19 years are covered for orthodontia with a $2000.00 lifetime maximum benefit.  Cosmetic dentistry not available.  See PPO network dentists for the best benefit.  There is a small hourly charge for this dental insurance.
  2. Davis Vision is our vision insurance provider.  With network providers includes $15 eye exam copay, $15 copay or 15% discount on conventional or specialty contact lens evaluation, fitting and follow-up, $15.00 lenses co-pay for glasses, $130 allowance + 20% off any overage on frames, $130 allowance + 15% off any overage on contacts.  Allowed either glasses or contacts in one year.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The Annual Open Enrollment Period for the APC Construction Co. medical benefit program is usually from the middle of November to the middle of December.  You are allowed to change your coverage option at this time without a qualifying event. Changes will be effective starting the beginning of January of the next year.

VACATION: Vacation pay is specific to the position you are working and can range from $1.40 per hour to $1.76 per hour.  Vacation pay is added to your regular hours worked during the week and calculated by the number of hours worked.  There are two options for receiving vacation pay.

  1. You can elect to have us save the vacation pay and give it to you in one lump sum at the end of the year (usually around the middle of December). The pay is added to your weekly check and taxed so that when you receive it, the taxes are already paid.
  2. You can elect to have your vacation pay paid to you on your weekly paycheck.

401K CONTRIBUTION: APC Construction contributes to every employee’s 401K.  The previous year’s contribution was 6%.  There is not a required matching contribution from you, although you are welcome to contribute up to the maximum allowable limit as well.

EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAM: APC Construction offers a very generous employee referral program. Incentives for the referral of successful job candidates are as  follows:

  • Your first referral bonus will be $250 in Visa Gift Cards paid when the new employee completes 30 days of active, continuous employment.
  • Your second referral bonus of $250 in Visa Gift Cards will be paid when the new employee completes 120 days of employment.
  • The new referred employee will also receive $250 in Visa Gift Cards paid once they complete 120 days of employment.