GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Performs general skilled or unskilled construction related activities.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Reports directly to supervisor or project superintendent.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Requires full range of body motion including handling and operating various hand and power tools, manual and finger dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. Requires standing and bending over for extended periods of time.  Requires reaching, crawling, climbing, grasping, kneeling, squatting, and twisting.  Often requires lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling items weighing up to 120 pounds.  Sometimes requires working at heights.  Requires corrected vision and hearing within normal range. Requires workings under stressful condition.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITION: Frequent exposure to rain, sleet, snow, dust, mud, heat, cold, noise vibration and other conditions common to a construction site. Contractual obligations may require irregular hours, out-of-town work, overnight stays, nights, weekends and holidays.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: (This may not include all of the duties assigned)

  1. Hauls and moves materials around job site.
  2. Strips forms.
  3. Shovels and rakes asphalt, concrete and dirt.
  4. Mixes cement.
  5. Stacks materials.
  6. Installs pipe, places bedding.
  7. Know and understand, as well as follow, the rules and regulations of the company “Employee Safety Policy and Handbook.”
  8. Performs related work as required.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

The ability to operate with knowledge, awareness and understanding of the working elements of heavy construction, earth moving, paving, and general construction equipment.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent may be required.

Experience: Minimum of 5 year experience may be required.

CERTIFICATE/LICENSE: Valid and active driver’s license may be required.

ALTERNATIVE TO MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: The minimum experience within this job may e vital but may not be required.

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