CDL Driver

Job Description

CDL Driver

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Operates various types and sizes of straight trucks, tractors, trailers, on-and off-highway, according to local, state, federal and company regulations.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Reports directly to Transportation Department Management Personnel.


TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Requires full range of body motion including handling and operating levers or controls, clambing, manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Requires use of foot-controlled pedals and sitting for extensive periods of time. Occasionally require pushing, pulling; and shoveling of and carrying items weighing up to 60 pounds of weight and pressure. Requires corrected vision and hearing within normal range and medical requirements as defined by DOT/CDL  and medical provider.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITION: Frequent exposure to rain, sleet, snow, dust, mud, heat, cold, noise  vibration and other conditions common  to a construction site.Contractual obligations may require irregular hours,out-of-town work,overnight stays,nights,weekends, and holidays.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: (This may not include all of the duties assigned)

  1. Perform pre-and post-trip inspections.
  2. Prepare documents, reports as required.
  3. Operate and may fuel vehicle(s).
  4. Perform minor adjustments and maintenance.
  5. Secure equipment and loads.
  6. Monitor loads.
  7. Know, understand and follow all city, country, state, DOT/CDL and company Health and Safety Guideline Handbook, Rules and Regulations.
  8. Performs related work as required.
  9. Keep truck and trailer bed(s) clean.
  10. Driver(s) with the Alpine Rock Co. are to keep the concrete mixing truck drums clean.
  11. Keep the vehicle free from debris which may fall off and damage other vehicles on streets and highways.


Ability to drive/operate and maintain applicable vehicle. Ability to successful maneuver vehicle forward and backward. Knowledge and ability to maintain and perform all paperwork in accordance with Federal, State and/or Company requirements. Basic reading, writing and simple math skills.

EDUCATION: High school diploma or equivalent may be required.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum of 2 years experience may be required.

CERTIFICATION/LICENSE: Valid and active driver's license, including an authorized and current eligible physical examination verification card, long-form medical, from/of The Department of Transportation. Endorsement for doubles/triples/hazardous materials, may be advantageous, but not required.

ALTERNATIVE TO MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Driver applicants must be 100% complete to be accepted by APC, including 10 year work history.


CDL Application

Download/complete application and submit to or at our main office.